Ailbhe Ní Bhriain

The Emigrant (I)

(excerpt) video & CGI composite, colour, sound, 09:25 min (full length) 2010, part one of Ailbhe Ní Bhriain's three part video series 'The Emigrant' sound by Pádraig Murphy [streamed from Vimeo]

"… … the haunting, impossible worlds generated by Ailbhe Ní Bhriain in her beautifully textured audio–video installations. She doesn't rely on cutting–edge CGI; indeed, as she notes herself, she's not particularly techie at all. She just tries to figure out ways of achieving what she imagines: hypnotic, in–between spaces that are both familiar and utterly strange. We begin to orientate ourselves in a domestic interior and notice a fish swimming calmly by, then a school of tiny fish turning in unison, then sheep grazing on a hillside. Ní Bhriain references the Irish landscape, the sea and an indeterminate elsewhere. The Emigrant is the appropriate title of her main piece. It has an elegiac quality that recalls Andrei Tarkovsky."

Aidan Dunne: an excerpt from 'Bright Futures at the RHA' The Irish Times, Saturday 4 September, 2010.

"… Ailbhe Ní Bhriain completely steals the show. Her cool, surreal, meditative works involving a combination of video, photography and music, and focusing on images of the sea and the countryside, are technically most impressive and provide a rare space for aesthetic contemplation. Her wall–pieces, involving a mixture of static and kinetic imagery, are somewhat reminiscent of the work of (equally high–tech) Irish artist John Gerrard, who has achieved widespread international recognition in recent years."

Dr. Paul O'Brien (NCAD Dublin): an excerpt from his review of 'Futures 10' at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin (2010) published in Circa Magazine, Ireland, issue no 131.