Maud Cotter: a collect of will

17.02.24 – 13.04.24

Maud Cotter 'a collect of will' (with special guest Simon Cutts/Coracle) partly installed on the mural 'The Four Seasons' by Lothar Götz (installation photography by Andy Keate)

(image: Maud Cotter 'a collect of will' with special guest Simon Cutts/Coracle Press, installed within, on and around the mural 'The Four Seasons' by Lothar Götz; installation photography by Andy Keate ⇉ download full list of works as a pdf)


"I do think that conceptual models of enquiry can be explored through sculpture, making with the matter at hand, seeing through it to new depths of possibility. Keeping this avenue of exploration open is necessary to maintaining resilient and adaptive minds capable of embracing and generating change, recognising new sustainable ways forward.

So I will keep going."



don't touch me

all that is necessary

we exchanged a few words

the cat's pyjamas

making sense & nonsense



a slip of the tongue

so far as it goes

the inevitability of being


a cloud in a cage

a slip out of modernism

in use

unique forms of continuity in space

other attachments



a way of containing air

equivalent to ten portions

afternoon, one

afternoon, two

afternoon, three

a pocket of air

ab ovo

stone, location unknown


(and not forgetting)

a solution is in the room, text



Domo Baal is proud to present 'a collect of will' Maud Cotter's second solo exhibition in the gallery, with special guest Simon Cutts/Coracle Press. The exhibition is installed within, on and around the mural 'The Four Seasons' by Lothar Götz. Since her first solo exhibition in the gallery 'Matter of Fact' in 2016, Maud Cotter has presented institutional solo exhibitions and commissions at The Herbert Museum & Gallery as part of the second Coventry Biennial, Limerick City Gallery of Art, The Dock, Carrick on Shannon, Dublin City Gallery, the Hugh Lane (accompanied by a monograph published by the Hugh Lane Gallery) and The Irish Arts Centre, New York followed by MOCA, Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda in Ireland with show 'things seem to touch so they are' a major solo exhibition of new work by Maud Cotter and also in 2025, Oonagh Young Gallery in Dublin will present 'ab ovo, from the egg' a solo exhibition. Recent works by Maud Cotter have been acquired by the Hugh Lane Gallery, The Arts Council of Ireland and Crawford Art Gallery collections among others.

Maud Cotter and Domo Baal would like to thank Culture Ireland/Cultúr Éireann for their support of this exhibition, as well as David Gates and Kristaps Ancāns for their help with this exhibition.