London Gallery Weekend
13.05.22 – 15.05.22
Nicky Hirst
The Electorate
13.05.22 – 09.07.22
opens: Thursday 12 May 2022
LAF Art Projects P18
Alice Wilson, Chris Hanlon, Fiona Finnegan, Mitre & Mondays
20.04.22 – 24.04.22
Neil Zakiewicz
25.02.22 – 02.04.22
opens: Friday 25 February 2022
Alice Wilson
A Mild Epiphany On My Bike
24.09.21 – 18.12.21
now extended: open until 29 january, by appointment only
Nicky Hirst
Election Artist 2019
Official artist for the 2019 General Election
appointed by the House of Commons
Speaker's Advisory Committee on
Works of Art
Alice Wilson & Frances Richardson
in conversation on Saturday 6 November
at 12pm in Frances's exhibition 'If I measure it must exist' at Karsten Schubert Gallery, Room 2, 44 Lexington Street (second floor), London W1F 0LW; and at 3pm in Alice's exhibition 'A Mild Epiphany On My Bike'
The Rural College of Art
David Gates with Lothar Götz
site–visit by appointment (ongoing)
Spaces The Live/Work Gallery on
Jonathan Griffin, 27.07.15



An Experiment with Time
Solo exhibition, curated by Francis McKee and Alaya Ang, at CCA Glasgow, Scotland.
04.02.22 – 19.03.22
exhibition curated by Andrew Folan and Peter Brennan, Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.
05.02.22 – 12.05.22
Mountain Language
exhibition curated by Megs Morley at Galway Arts Centre, Galway, Ireland.
Opens 04.02.22
A Nation Under The Influence: Ireland at 100
curated by Rosetta Beaugendre, Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris, France.
03.02.22 – 30.03.22
The Space We Occupy
Inaugural exhibition at the Irish Arts Center, 553 West 51st Street, New York with George Bolster, Ailbhe Ní Bhriain, Neil Carroll, Colin Crotty, Katie Holten and Fiona Kelly, curated by Miranda Driscoll
04.12.21 – 22.05.22
Reports to an Academy
Living Canvas at Wilton Park, Dublin 2, Ireland.
09.12.21 – 30.11.22
The Narrow Gate of the Here–and–Now
IMMA: 30 Years of the Global Contemporary, Chapter 3: Social Fabric: curated by Georgie Thompson, with Bassam Al–Sabah, Louise Bourgeois, Sarah Browne, Rhona Byrne, Harold Cohen, Maureen Connor, Rachel Fallon, Ahree Lee, Ibrahim Mahama, Leanne McDonagh, Colin Middleton, Sibyl Montague, Ailbhe Ní Bhriain, Kathy Prendergast, West Tallaght Women's Textile Project, William Hogarth, Elinor Wiltshire.
IMMA, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland.
19.11.21 – 30.11.22
Density 2036, Part VIII
Ailbhe Ní Bhriain's films 'Immergence' and 'Vanishing Point' accompanying the première of 'anfa', a new composition by Ann Cleare performed by flautist Claire Chase, The Kitchen, New York
09.12.21 & 10.12.21 – 8pm EST
11.12.21 – 2pm EST
Kian Benson Bailes, Ailbhe Ní Bhriain, Ursula Burke, Ruth Clinton, Maeve Coulter, Niamh Moriarty and Katharine West, curated Aoife Banks, Kilkenny Arts Festival, Kilkenny County Council Arts Office's 'Emerging Curator in Residence Programme' Ireland (includes online screening of 'Inscriptions of an Immense Theatre').
16.07.21 – 15.08.21


Christopher Hanlon, Daniel Karrer, Selma Parlour, curated by Rebecca Geldard/appleandhat
01.10.21 – 31.10.21


This Is Not An Oak Tree
Jugg Art Foundation, 50 Corder Road, Ipswich IP4 2XD, Ipswich Annual Biennial, UK.
10.08.19 – 25.08.19
International Lawns/The Rural College of Art/Disinformation
White Box Gallery, 5 Hare & Billet Road, Blackheath, London SE3 0RB.
05.07.19 – 28.07.19


Ideas Travel Faster Than Light
The Mecklenburgh Square Garden Project 2020
invited by Clair Joy and Jasone Miranda–Bilbao, Mecklenburgh Square Garden, London WC1.
24.09.20 – 27.09.20


Artist in residence
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Singapore
15.02.16 – 11.03.16


Introduction to Under 5's
John Strutton's playlists


Magma: Lara Viana
curated by Mario Gioia, Adelina Institute in São Paulo, Brazil.
28.09.19 – 02.11.19
Lara Viana
andriesse eyck galerie, Amsterdam, Netherlands, with a text by Rebecca Geldard.
02.02.19 – 09.03.19


eN Arts, Kyoto, Japan
08.11.19 – 01.12.19
Opens Saturday 8th November 6–8pm


London Gallery Weekend
Room & Book
Extended opening of Lothar Götz's solo exhibition SALVATION with
Special Guest: Room & Book presenting a curated selection of rare and out–of–print art books and exhibition catalogues with a particular focus on Modernism.
4–6 June 2021
Lothar Götz in conversation
with Joe Hill, director of Towner Eastbourne, on Tuesday 23 February 2021 (62:02 mins streamed from youtube).
Lothar Götz
03.12.20 – 30.06.21
The Rural College of Art:
David Gates with Lothar Götz
site–visit by appointment (ongoing)
Lothar Götz: Dance Diagonal
Brewers Towner Commission, Towner Gallery, Eastbourne to transform the gallery's exterior walls to mark the 10th anniversary of the gallery.
01.06.19 – 31.05.24
Lothar Götz: Xanadu
Leeds City Art Gallery: staircase commission, with the support of The Art Fund, Art Happens.
Opens Thursday 12 October 2017 – (ongoing)
Lothar Götz: Composition for a Staircase
Site–specific mural commissioned to mark the 10th anniversary of Pallant House Gallery's contemporary wing in the stairwell of the new wing, Chichester, UK (supported by The Abbey Harris Mural Fund).
now extended


Marcel Dinahet: Sous le toit
Penthouse Margate, 34 Harold Road, Cliftonville, Margate CT9 2HT.
Opens: Saturday 19 October 2019 5–9pm
(thereafter by appointment, please contact for details)
Marcel Dinahet
FRAC Bretagne, Rennes, France.
13.06.18 – 03.11.18
Events and Talks:
Tuesday 18 June: Marcel Dinahet exhibition tour and conversation with Dominique Abensour.
Tuesday 17 September: Conference presented by Pascal Beausse 'les artistes écosophes'.
Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September: Journées du Patrimoine, Association Marcel Dinahet/Melaine Dalibert.
Sunday 29 September: Suspended Spaces.
Sunday 13 October: Finis Terrae.
Tuesday 15 October: Marcel Dinahet and writers, monograph publication launch catalogue in the context of the 30 year anniversary of the 'Archives de la critique d'art' with Jean–Marc Huitorel, Antje Kramer, and others.
Suspended Spaces: Retour de Fordlândia, une archive à ciel ouvert
La Colonie, Paris, France.
13.11.18 – 25.11.18
Suspended Spaces
curated by Dorothée Duvivier at BPS22 Museum, 22 Boulevard Solvay, B–6000 Charleroi, Hainaut, Belgium.
16.06.18 – 02.09.19
Now Wakes the Sea
curated by Kirstie North and Chris Clarke, with Tacita Dean, Marcel Dinahet, Sean Lynch, Maria McKinney, Conrad Shawcross, Lucy Skaer, and Janaina Tschape, at The Glucksman Gallery, Cork, Ireland.
03.08.17 – 05.11.17
Refaire Surface
suspended spaces at Centre d'art Le Lait, Albi, France.
01.07.17 – 22.10.17
La ville, la mer
Saint–Malo invites FRAC Bretagne, Chapelle Saint–Sauveur, Saint–Malo, France.
01.07.17 – 17.09.17


a consequence of
solo exhibition at the Irish Arts Center, 553 West 51st Street, New York, curated by Miranda Driscoll
28.05.22 – 23.06.22 (theatre installation)
28.05.22 – 05.09.22 (building–wide installation)


Coventry Biennial 2019: The Twin at The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Jordan Well, Coventry CV1 5QP, curated by Ryan Hughes
04.10.19 – 26.01.20
Coventry Biennial 2019: The Twin at The Row
The Row, 8 Ironmonger Row, Coventry, CV1 1FD, curated by Ryan Hughes
04.10.19 – 26.01.20


Nicky Hirst
The Electorate
13.05.22 – 09.07.22
opens: Thursday 12 May 2022
Election Artist 2019
Official artist for the 2019 General Election, appointed by the House of Commons Speaker's Advisory Committee on Works of Art


Insight 22 'spec/bug'
Rachel Adams, Shigeru Izumi, Lothar Götz, Carlo Zauli, Haruko Sasakawa, Miki Sato, Katuso Tachi, Natsuyuki Nakanishi, Eric Bainbridge at Yoshimi Arts, Osaka, Japan.
31.07.19 – 20.08.19
25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland


curated by Edward Chell at Glynn Vivian Museum and Art Gallery, Alexandra Road, Swansea, SA1 5DZ.
artist conference on Saturday 16th February 2019.
15.02.19 – 26.05.19