Ailbhe Ní Bhriain: (represented artist)
Alex Rich: (represented artist)
Alice Wilson: (represented artist)
Ansel Krut: (archived artist pages, works available)
Christopher Hanlon: (represented artist)
Daniel Gustav Cramer: (archived artist pages, works available)
David Gates: (represented artist)
Emma Talbot: (archived artist pages, works available)
Fiona Finnegan (exhibition pages)
Haris Epaminonda: (archived artist pages, works available)
International Lawns: (represented artists)
Jeffrey TY Lee: (represented artist)
John Strutton: (represented artist)
Kristaps Ancāns: exhibition pages (represented artist)
Lara Viana: (represented artist)
Lee Edwards: (represented artist)
Lizi Sánchez: (archived artist pages, works available)
Lothar Götz: (represented artist)
Marcel Dinahet: (represented artist)
Maud Cotter: (represented artist)
Mhairi Vari: (represented artist)
Mikey Cuddihy: (represented artist)
Neil Gall: (archived artist pages, works available)
Neil Zakiewicz's exhibition pages (represented artist)
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Ron Haselden: (archived artist pages, works available)
Sharon Kivland: (archived publications page, works available)
Siân Pile: (represented artist)
Walter Swennen: (archived artist pages, works available)
Graham Crowley: Light Fiction (18.05.24 – 29.06.24)
Maud Cotter: a collect of will (17.02.24 – 13.04.24)
Alice Wilson & Aliki Braine (16.01.24 – 21.01.24)
Lothar Götz: The Four Seasons (30.09.23 – 27.01.24)
Ailbhe Ní Bhriain: Interval One (Dream Pool) (16.06.23–05.08.23)
Mikey Cuddihy: Broadsheet (24.02.23–04.06.23)
The Portrait Show: LAF 2023 (17.01.23–22.01.23)
Rachel Adams: Damp (07.10.22–17.12.22)
Nicky Hirst: The Electorate (13.05.22–01.10.22)
Alice Wilson, Chris Hanlon, Fiona Finnegan, Mitre & Mondays: LAF 2022 (20.04.22–24.04.22)
Neil Zakiewicz: Come Alive (25.02.22–07.05.22)
Alice Wilson: A Mild Epiphany On My Bike (24.09.21–16.02.22)
Kristaps Ancāns: Have we all learned how to be human at home? (31.03.21–30.09.21)
Lothar Götz: SALVATION (03.12.20–30.06.21)
Miho Sato: Freedom (19.09.20–31.10.20)
Ailbhe Ní Bhriain: Inscriptions IV (14.02.20–31.03.20)
Penelope Haralambidou: City of Ladies (30.01.20–08.02.20)
Christopher Hanlon: solo at London Art Fair (21.01.20–26.01.20)
David Cheeseman: Once ever After – Thrice Removed (15.11.19–14.12.19)
Alex Rich (27.09.19–02.11.19)
Backyard Sculpture: A Collection Assembled by Gates & Gall (21.06.19–20.07.19)
Christopher Hanlon: A Stone In A Cloud (21.03.19–04.05.19)
Dialogues: LAF 2019 (15.01.19–20.01.19)
Neil Zakiewicz: Working (09.11.18–15.12.18)
Neil Gall: The Least We Could Do Is Wave To Each Other (21.09.18–27.10.18)
The Rural College of Art & Lothar Götz: Götzbau (ongoing)
Andrew Curtis: Assorted Originals (15.06.18–14.07.18)
Nicky Hirst: Elemental Works (20.04.18–26.05.18)
Fiona Finnegan: The Frog Devoured The Sun (16.02.18–17.03.18)
Haskard & Haskard (10.11.17–16.12.17)
International Lawns: Field Trip 15 (Saturday 4 November 2017)
Lizi Sánchez: Maria, Rosa, Mick & John (29.09.17–28.10.17)
Ailbhe Ní Bhriain: Reports to an Academy (16.06.17–22.07.17)
International Lawns: Field Trip 12 (Sunday 14 May 2017)
Nicky Hirst: Real Size (28.04.17–03.06.17)
John Strutton: Anna Lies (24.02.17–25.03.17)
International Lawns: Field Trip 11 (Saturday 28 January 2017)
The Rural College of Art: Found & Forged (25.11.16–28.01.17)
Lothar Götz: Pas de Trois (07.10.16–19.11.16)
International Lawns (Andrew Curtis/Niall Monro): Field Trip No.8 (Sunday 12 June 2016)
Lara Viana | Mhairi Vari (09.06.16–16.07.16)
Maud Cotter: Matter of Fact (07.04.16–14.05.16)
Lee Edwards: Fibre of Being (04.02.16–12.03.16)
Lizi Sánchez: In a world that laughs (20.11.15–19.12.15)
International Lawns: Field Trip No.7 (Saturday 14 November 2015)
International Lawns: Field Trip No.6 (Saturday 29 August 2015)
Lothar Götz: Mirror Image (18.06.15–25.07.15)
International Lawns: Field Trip No.5 (Sunday 7 June 2015)
Emma Talbot: Step Inside Love (24.04.15–30.05.15)
International Lawns: Field Trip No.4 (Sunday 26 April 2015)
International Lawns: Field Trip No.3 (Saturday 25 April 2015)
Marcel Dinahet: Burning the Boats (30.01.15–07.03.15)
International Lawns: Field Trip No.2 (Sunday 26 October 2015)
John Strutton: Grease Madonna (03.10.14–22.11.14)
Lothar Götz: Festival of Love, Southbank Centre, London (28.06.14–31.08.14)
A Circle: Christopher Rountree, David Gates, Rupert Ackroyd, International Lawns (Andrew Curtis, Niall Monro) (13.06.14–19.07.14)
Rachel Adams: Long Reach (25.04.14–31.05.14)
Christopher Hanlon: Chamber (21.02.14–05.04.14)
Stuart Brisley: Before the Mast (21.11.13–30.11.13)
Stuart Brisley: Hommage to the Commune (07.11.13–10.11.13)
Stuart Brisley (04.10.13–30.11.13)
Lynn MacRitchie: The Towers of Ilium (18.09.13–21.09.13)
Flood/Ní Bhriain/Vari (12.04.13–25.05.13)
David Gates: The Rural College of Art (22.02.13–30.03.13)
Sharon Kivland: Reproductions II (18.01.13–16.02.13)
Lothar Götz: The Line of Beauty + Special Guests (09.11.12–22.12.12)
Lothar Götz: The Line of Beauty (21.09.12–03.11.12)
James Brooks: The Information Exchange (15.06.12–14.07.12)
Christopher Hanlon: Disseminatus (27.04.12–02.06.12)
John Strutton: Opus Dopus (24.02.12–24.03.12)
Mhairi Vari: Domain (19.11.11–18.12.11)
Ailbhe Ní Bhriain: Great Good Places (24.09.11–05.11.11)
Rachel Adams: Cut from Whole Cloth (25.06.11–23.07.11)
Lee Edwards: How to disappear completely (07.05.11–11.06.11)
Sharon Kivland: I am sick of my thoughts (05.03.11–09.04.11)
Marcel Dinahet (05.11.10–18.12.10)
Walter Swennen (25.09.10–30.10.10)
Miho Sato: Planet Arbent (11.06.10–19.07.10)
Art Brussels 2010 (23.04.10–26.04.10)
Sophisticated Boom Boom (in b&w) (09.04.10–15.05.10)
Lara Viana (29.01.10–20.03.10)
Time is a Sausage (A Show of Shows) (17.09.09–19.12.09)
Felicity Powell (20.06.09–25.07.09)
John Strutton: Donderslag (27.03.09–09.05.09)
Christopher Hanlon: Because You Stood Still (20.02.09–21.03.09)
Steve Johnson: Die Welt vorbeiziehen lassen (14.11.08–17.01.09)
Ron Haselden (23.09.08–25.10.08)
(traffic scarcely audible) (12.06.08–19.07.08)
Ansel Krut: solo presentation at Next, Chicago (25.04.08–28.04.08)
Analogue: Mhairi Vari and David Cheeseman (10.04.08–17.05.08)
Siân Pile (07.02.08–15.03.08)
Lucy Pawlak: The Halfway House (24.11.07–26.01.08)
Oyster Grit: Ailbhe Ní Bhriain, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Haris Epaminonda, Ansel Krut, Jeffrey TY Lee, Lucy Pawlak, Miho Sato and Mhairi Vari (21.09.07–03.11.07)
Daniel Gustav Cramer: Mountain: Trilogy Part Three (11.05.07–30.06.07)
Ailbhe Ní Bhriain: Aftermath (30.03.07–05.05.07)
Miho Sato (03.02.07–10.03.07)
Penelope Haralambidou: The Blossoming of Perspective (10.01.07–20.01.07)
Jeffrey TY Lee (18.11.06–23.12.06)
Ansel Krut: Vinegar Hotel (15.09.06–31.10.06)
Roxy Walsh: Felix Culpa (09.06.06–15.07.06)
Haris Epaminonda (28.04.06–03.06.06)
Daniel Gustav Cramer: Underwater: Trilogy Part Two (04.03.06–08.04.06)
The World is Turning (04.02.06–25.02.06)
Ron Haselden: Bee Trilogy (25.11.05–17.12.05)
Christiane Baumgartner (17.09.05–29.10.05)
Miho Sato: Amnesia (04.06.05–16.07.05)
13+ an exhibition of artists film and video (09.04.05–21.05.05)
Sharon Kivland: Mes Fils (29.01.05–05.03.05)
Paradisiaco: Haris Epaminonda, Neal Rock & Rebecca Stevenson (27.11.04–05.01.05)
Daniel Gustav Cramer: Woodland: Trilogy Part One (16.10.04–20.11.04)
Ansel Krut: Lie still my beating heart… (11.06.04–24.07.04)
Magic within Reason (30.04.04–06.06.04)
Ansel Krut: It could be suicide… (11.03.04–17.04.04)
Bob Matthews & Mark Monaghan: There is another World (30.01.04–06.03.04)
Ausland: Jan Peters, Silke Schatz & Martina Schmid (10.10.03–08.11.03)
Christiane Baumgartner: Speed/Standstill (04.09.03–04.10.03)
Kim Merrington (Pace): Pleasure Trove (07.06.03–19.07.03)
A Reader: Lucy Harrison, Sharon Kivland & Nina Papaconstantinou (08.03.03–12.04.03)
Paula Mettler Tucakov: Vis à Vis (13.09.01–06.10.01)