Haris Epaminonda

Haris Epaminonda: 'Nemesis 52' (video still)

Nemesis 52 (13:07 min) video–still, 2003

"I always cared for discarded things. If nothing else, they offer a past; continuing a faint memory of what is no longer. Disembodied objects, reflecting the absence of the living thing, implying the presence of the more solid, that which once 'was' here, there – at least somewhere." Haris Epaminonda, 2005.

Exhibited in '13+' at domobaal gallery in 2004, and also at 'Peripheral Visions' Cork 2005; '21st World Wide Video Festival' in Amsterdam 2005; 'Fresh: French Video Art' at the Macao Museum of Art, China 2006; 'George Polke Presents' 2006; Tank TV 2006; 'I Am A Future Melancholic' Tate Modern 2007; 'Fractured Figure' at the Deste Foundation, Dakis Joannou Collection, Athens, 2007.