David Gates


Black & white, silent, 03:48mins, 2006; Carland is a slide–show made from 180 (approx.) glass plate pinhole photographs taken in the seaside town of Jaywick where all the roads are named after different makes of car. [streamed from Vimeo]

"This is not a work about Jaywick. I was interested in its forgottenness and forgetfulness, all of which I saw echoed in abandoned photographic processes, there was a strong element of rumour and hearsay, of an impossibility of knowing, underpinned by a vernacular architecture that meanders like chinese whispers along the seafront, each house the same but different, the same but different, the same but different. It is now ten years since the production of these glass plate pinhole photographs, and Jaywick is still unrecognisable from the place it was then."

David Gates 2016