Emma Talbot

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The Monologuist/Emma Talbot/Comic Tragics
Anders Brekhus Nilsen (USA) writing on themonologuist.blogspot.co.uk about 'Comic Tragics: The Exploding Language of Contemporary Comic Art' curated by Robert Cook, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, Australia. (pdf: 2 pages)
Dropping off and coming to
Essay by Rebecca Geldard written for Emma Talbot's exhibition 'Unravel These Knots' at the Freud Museum London, 2016. (pdf: 3 pages)
Opgewekte werelden
Review of a group show at Galerie Onrust, Amsterdam in February 2016 (in Dutch). (jpg: 1 page)
Emma Talbot in conversation with Clare Linton
Curwen Studios at Worton Hall Studios, September 2015. (pdf: 2 pages)
Drawing People
The Human Figure in Contemporary Art by Roger Malbert, published by Thames and Hudson, pp 108–111, 2015. (pdf: 4 pages)
The Week
'Where to Buy' review of Emma Talbot's exhibition 'Memories Turn To Dusk' by Digby Warde–Aldam, at domobaal, Issue 1022, page 34, 16 May 2015. (pdf: 1 page)
A Rare Egg in the Nest: The Outlandish World of Emma Talbot
A review of Emma Talbot's exhibition 'Memories Turn To Dusk' at Petra Rinck Galerie in Düsseldorf, by Magdalena Kröner published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – Feuilleton (German with English translation) 4 April 2015. (pdf: 2 pages)
Neomoderne in Brüssel?
Special mention of Emma Talbot's work in Petra Rinck Galerie's booth at Art Brussels 2015, by Sabine B. Vogel in 'Die Presse' (in German) 25 April 2015. (pdf: 1 page)
The Story of The Eye
Emma Talbot thinks about vaginas and visits 'Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude' at The Courtauld Gallery Garageland 18: Sex, April 2015. (pdf: 3 pages)
100 Painters of Tomorrow
Introduction by Gregor Muir, published by Thames and Hudson, pp 242 and 243 2014. (pdf: 2 pages)
Exhibitions of the week
Skye Sherwin: Jeff Keen, Eddie Peake, Emma Talbot: the week's art shows in pictures in The Guardian, 8 March 2013. (link)
Sian Dolding on Random House at Arcadia Missa, November 2013. (link)
Artist of the week
Andrew Brown, review of Mrs Rick's cupboard at Primary, Nottingham in AN Magazine, 9 May 2013. (link)
Articulated Artists
Emma Talbot talking to Alli Sharma at her studio, Walthamstow E17, Sunday, 25 April 2010. (pdf: 7 pages)
A Diamond Ring and Post War Problems
Emma Talbot talks with Rachel Potts about love and memory in Garageland 11: Family, published by Transition Editions, December 2011. Copies are available price £4.50 from: http://www.transitiongallery.co.uk/htmlpages/editions/gl11/intro.htm (pdf: 2 pages)
Between the Shadow and the Soul
Emma Talbot in Tranzine #002, published by Transition Editions, April 2010 (sold out: the title is a link)
Artist of the week
Jessica Lack on Emma Talbot: Artist of the week in The Guardian, 1 April 2009. (pdf: 3 pages)
Neo–narrative painting and the work of Rosa Loy
Emma Talbot unpicks narrative and the personal voice in her pursuit of picture–making in Garageland 4: Painting and Translating (guest edited by Emma Talbot), published by Transition Editions, April 2007. Copies are available price £3.95 from: http://www.transitiongallery.co.uk/htmlpages/editions/g_land4/garageland4.html (pdf: 2 pages)
Rock'N Roll'N Art
A group interview by Emma Talbot, produced as a pull–out section in Garageland 7: Rock 'n' Roll, published by Transition Editions, November 2008. (sold out) more information here http://www.transitiongallery.co.uk/htmlpages/editions/g_land7.htm (pdf: 8 pages)