Nicky Hirst

Nicky Hirst

*1963 Leeds, lived in Kenya.
lives/works in London

"Known for her subtle and elegant work employing a variety of media, Nicky Hirst's art is perhaps best described as an exploration of serendipity that can occur in unintended and unexpected places. Her sources may be particular objects or certain words whose meaning she may subtly shift by manipulation or juxtaposition. Hirst's output is multifarious, including drawing, sculpture, etched glass, collage, printed text, photography and public art commissions. While avoiding simple categorisation, Hirst's art is always characterised by a measured stance and sensitivity towards materials."

Penny Sexton, Curator

"The faith she must have had in discovering an image that struck a chord in her, the trust she must have had in letting her intuition guide her to find the pair, to connect with the other, to discover things, to not think about the original context of the image. To not think about the original intent, but to create a new intention, to use that intention, or to discover that intention, through discovering the counter part. It's all so overwhelmingly genius. I don't understand why my friends didn't like it."

Sara Saadat (review of Elemental Works, domobaal, 2018)

Nicky Hirst: biography pdf
1993 – 1993
: MA Art and Architecture, Kent Institute of Art and Design (KIAD) Canterbury.
1982 – 1985
: BA Fine Art, Maidstone College of Art, Kent.
1981 – 1982
: Foundation Course, Jacob Kramer College, Leeds.
Selected Solo and Two–Person Exhibitions
: The Electorate, domobaal.
: Election Artist 2019, commission, Parliamentary Art Collection, Portcullis House, London.
: MOCA London (online exhibition).
: Algorithms, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter, UK.
: White Roses, The Eye Sees, Arles, France.
: Casement Arts, Folkestone, UK.
: Elemental Works, domobaal, London.
: Briar Rose, m2 Gallery, London.
: Real Size, domobaal, London.
: Invisible Mending, AMP, London.
: Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Cogliandrino, Basilicata, Italy, curated by Stephen Nelson.
: Morphology (with Doug Burton) curated by Michael Petry, Royal Academy Schools Gallery, London.
: Indiana Ain't Pink, Floor 30 Clifford Chance Building, London.
: Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London.
: Fellowship Exhibition (with Mary Evans) Byam Shaw School of Art, London.
: Perforated Observations, INIVA, London.
: Cordon Sanitaire, Imperial War Museum, London.
: Cell 3, Barbican Foyer Gallery, Barbican Centre, London.
: Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London.
: Limited Edition Multiple, Soho House, London.
: Wall Drawing, Homerton Hospital, London.
: Wall Drawing, Darlington Arts Centre, UK.
: Tongue and Groove, Centre 181 Gallery, London.
: Caught Looking, Dash Gallery, London.
: Adam Gallery (with Roy Voss), London.
: Collective Gallery (with Jacqueline Jeffries), Edinburgh.
: The Green Room Manchester, UK.
: University Art Gallery (with Jacqueline Jeffries), Leeds, UK.
Selected Group Exhibitions
: Artist Support Pledge: A Generous Space 2, The New Art Gallery, Walsall, UK.
: Green, Bell House, London.
: Crucible, MASS Correspondence Course Mentors & Mentees 2020/21, Thames–Side Studios Gallery, London.
: M2 at APT Gallery, London.
: Fieldwork, GroundWork Gallery, King’s Lynn, UK.
: Starting the Line (The Big Draw 2022) venues tbc.
: AR–Mazing Tiger Trail, Singapore.
: Turner Contemporary Open 2021, Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK.
: Eutopia, Queensrollahouse and Excelsior Studios, London.
: Blink presents Room Share selected by Dido Hallett, Min Angel, Lucy Soni, Matt Lippiatt and Scott McCracken, Safe House 1 during Peckham Festival, London.
: Bits and Pieces curated by Ian Dawson, Newhaven Open Call, The Ship Inn, Newhaven, UK.
: Frozen Asset/Material Gains curated by Peter Lamb and Martin Bennett, including works by Katy Pratt, Aidan O'Sullivan, Peter Lamb, Paul Hosking and Nicky Hirst, ArtMoorHouse, London.
: Pretty Ugly, with Phillip Allen, Phyllida Barlow, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Paul Cole, Giles Corby, Andrew Ekins, Nick Fox, Nicky Hirst, Sand Laurenson, Hannah Maybank, Jane Millar, Katie Pratt, Piers Secunda, Kate Street, Jamie Partridge and Narbi Price, at Thames–Side Studios Gallery, London, curated by Andrew Ekins.
: Blink & You'll Miss It, Part 1, The Gathering with Min Angel, R&F MO, Dido Hallett, Nicky Hirst, Catherine Lette, Lucy Soni and Adia Wahid, AMP London.
: Drawing Biennial Fundraiser, Drawing Room, London.
: Recreational Grounds: Off Site, curated by Fiona Grady, Anna Lytridou and Tim Ralston with artists Henrietta Armstrong, Mike Ballard, Jack Brown, Paul Cole, Dori Deng, Rosie Gibbens, Fiona Grady, Nicky Hirst, Ted Le Swer, Anna Lytridou, Marco Miehling, Veronika Neukirch, Tom Rapsey, Tim Ralston, Shinuk Suh and Jim Woodall. Thames–Side Studios Gallery, London.
: Real Time curated by Rebecca Geldard, with Neil Gall, Martin Gayford, Nicky Hirst, Max Mason, Lee Maelzer and Zoë Mendelson, Coleman Project Space, London.
: CUTS, curated by Alexis Harding, including works by Tim Allen, Daryl Brown, Dan Coombs, Amanda Francis, Letizia Galli, Alexis Harding, Nicky Hirst, Zach Riley and John Smith, Matthiesen Gallery, London.
: Return of Come Kiss a Stranger, 'Interdependence' Art Licks Weekend, Why Don’t You …? HQ Satellite Space, London.
: Off the Page, Another Place Press, The Northern Eye International Photography Festival.
: Coventry Biennial 2019: The Twin, curated by Ryan Hughes.
: Backyard Sculpture, organised by David Gates & Neil Gall, domobaal.
: Work–Shop, Bell House, London.
: Drawing Biennial 2019, Drawing Room, London.
: Lucky 7 Over The Rainbow curated by Lucy Soni 'Peripheries' Art Licks Weekend, Why Don't You … ? HQ, London.
: Recreational Grounds II, curated by Fiona Grady and Tim Ralston, Wendover House Ground Floor Car Park, London.
: Summer Exhibition 2018, Royal Academy of Arts, London.
: Dreaming Awake curated by Kim Thornton, Safe House 1, London.
: Something and Nothing, curated by Nicky Hirst including works by Matt Calderwood, Simon Callery, Angela de la Cruz, Vincent Hawkins, Nicky Hirst and Sara Mackillop, Thames–Side Studios Gallery, London.
: Humble as Hell, curated by Roland Hicks including works by Susan Collis, Neil Gall, Roland Hicks, Nicky Hirst, Paul Housley, Duncan Macaskill, Stephen Palmer, Cathie Pilkington, Joel Tomlin and Richard Woods, Schwitters Merz Barn, Cumbria, UK.
: The Word, curated by Michael Petry including works by Colin Booth, Maria Chevska, Nathan Coley, Paul Coombs, Elizabeth Croft, Mark Flood, Lukas Göthman, Nicky Hirst, Joseph Imhauser, Jukka Korkeila, Liliane Lijn, Christina Mitrentse, Robert Montgomery, Bryan Mulvihill, Harvey Opgenorth, Michael Petry, Pilvi Takala and Gavin Turk, Helsinki Contemporary, Finland.
: Occasional Geometries: Rana Begum curates the Arts Council Collection, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK.
: Drawing Biennial 2017, Drawing Room London.
: Radical Me, curated by Howard Dyke including works by Paul Housley, Vicki Fornieles, David Cyrus Smith, Howard Dyke, Simon Bayliss, Claire Price, Lisa Penny, Tom Brown, Geraldine Swayne, Lucy Stein, Nicky Hirst, Marcus Cope, David Dipre, Kes Richardson, Tiago da Cunha, Dominic Kennedy, Samuel Bassett and Charlie Dutton, Tannery Projects, London.
: Scenery co–curated by Alicja Dobrucka and Thomas Frangenberg including works by Rut Blees Luxemburg, Martin Creed, Alicja Dobrucka, Joseph Griffiths, Luke Gottelier, Nicky Hirst, Saron Hughes, Sarah Jones, Tim Mitchell, Joanna Piotrowska, Olivier Richon, David Rickard and Amikam Toren, The Surprisingly Passionate About Weddings Gallery, London.
: Creekside Open 2015, selected by Lisa Milroy for APT Gallery, London.
: Death and Dying, curated by David Lillington, Mag3 Projektraum, Vienna, Austria.
: Impress: Print Making Expanded in Contemporary Art including works by Roger Ackling, Anna Barriball, Paul Coldwell, Mat Collishaw, Jean Dubuffet, Mona Hatoum, Raphael Hefti, Nicky Hirst, Langlands & Bell, Roy Lichtenstein, Edward Lipski, Richard Long, Tim Mara, Cornelia Parker, Donald Rodney and Richard Wentworth, Courtauld Gallery, London.
: Project 05: Nicky Hirst, Penny Klepuszewska and Tom Lovelace, curated by Sarah Page, CAS Membership Programmes Manager, Contemporary Art Society, London.
: Creekside Open 2013, selected by Paul Noble for APT Gallery, London.
: Drawing Biennial 2013, Drawing Room, London.
: Grid, including works by Leonardo Drew, Keith Coventry, Michael Samuels, Chris Succo, Penny Lamb, Mark Francis, Nicky Hirst, Henry Krokatsis, Biggs & Collings, Wycliffe Stutchbury and Dadamaino, Vigo Gallery, London.
: Sagacity, curated by Roberto Ekholm including works by Cécile Emmanuelle Borra, Roberto Ekholm, Neil Gall, Nicky Hirst, Pablo A Padilla Jargstorf, Adrián Navarro, Michael Petry and Daniel Pettitt, Forman's Smokehouse Gallery, London.
: Drawing Biennial 2011, Drawing Room, London.
: Prototypes and Experiments, Aram Gallery, London.
: Drawing Biennial 2009, Drawing Room, London.
: Ghost Trade and the Spectre of Change, Deptford X, London.
: The Last Show, Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London.
: Black Box, curated by Lela Budde and Peter Suchin, E:vent Gallery, London.
: Out of Place, New Art Gallery, Walsall, UK.
: The World is Turning, including works by Christiane Baumgartner, Sjoerd Buisman, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Nicky Hirst, Sara Mackillop, Mike Marshall, Kate Scrivener, Jem Southam and Finlay Taylor, domobaal, London.
: Showcase selected by Thomas Frangenberg, South London Gallery, London.
: Showcase selected by Thomas Frangenberg, City Art Gallery, Edinburgh.
: Drawing Two Hundred, Biennial Fundraiser, Drawing Room, London.
: 6000 Chairs, Crystal Palace Park, London.
: Collage curated by Sacha Craddock, Graham Gussin, Stephen Hepworth and David Risley, Bloomberg Space, London.
: Prospects Drawing Prize 2004, Tea Building, London.
: Remember, Remember – Pugh, Pugh, Berlin, Germany.
: Infallible: In Search of the Real George Eliot curated by Roxy Walsh including works by Linda Aloysius, Jordan Baseman, George Baxter, Thomas Bewick, Giovanni del Biondo, Hans Burgkmair, Le Ecole de Burrows et Bob Smith, Cullinan and Richards, Artlab, Volker Eichelmann/Roland Rust, Mark Fairnington, Paul Flannery, Andrew Grassie, Tony Halliday, Nicky Hirst, Brigitte Jurack, Ian Kiaer, L.S.Lowry, Aristide Maillol, Eduard Manet, Sara Mackillop, Joao Penalva, Annika Sundvik, Eve Sussman, Willem Van de Velde, Roxy Walsh, Jacob de Wit and Ralph Wolf, Mead Gallery Warwick Arts Centre, Huddersfield Art Gallery, then touring to: Hatton Gallery Newcastle, APT Gallery, London.
: Fabric, Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal, UK.
: Viewpoints, Eagle Gallery, London.
: Showhouse, PM Gallery and House, London.
: Prospects 2002 Drawing Prize, Essor Gallery Project Space, London.
: The End is Nigh, CSKX, London.
: Multiplication, British Council touring exhibition.
: One Room curated by Terry Smith, The Factory, Shepherdess Walk, London.
: East Wing Collection, Courtauld Institute of Art, London.
: Day for Night, Museum of Installation, London.
: Ninenineninetynine, Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London.
: to be continued > The New Art Gallery Walsall Project, UK.
: Manufacturers, Childers Street, London.
: Contemporary Art Society, ARTfutures, selected by Jeni Walwin, November, Royal Festival Hall, London.
: Kind of English, Die Box, Berlin, Germany.
: Whenever, Commercial Too, London.
: Home, Margaret Harvey Gallery, St. Albans, UK.
: Musée Imaginaire, Part 2, Museum of Installation, London.
: A Cloudburst of Material Possessions: A Fantasy on a Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, curated by Paul Bonaventura, National Touring Exhibitions, South Bank Centre, London.
: Between Patients, curated by Ben Keith including works by Nicholas Bolton, Adam Caruso, David Cheeseman, Nicky Hirst, Anna Mossman, Roy Voss and Stewart Wilson, 10 Swan Yard/Caruso St John Architects, London.
: Whitechapel Open, Commercial Too, London.
: Konrad Lorenzo's Duck curated by Paola Piccato, including works by Gianfranco Botto, Roberto Bruno, Maurizio Cattalan, Helen Chadwick, Matt Collishaw, John Frankland, Letizia Galli, Nicky Hirst, Stephen Nelson and Maurizio Vetrugno, Ex–Lanificio Bona, Turin, Italy.
: House No Garden including works by Karl Blossfeldt, Monica Bonvicini, Nicky Hirst, LEO, Sebastian Lowsley–Williams, Claudia Schmacke, Gregor Schneider and Terry Smith, CSKX, London.
: Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.
: University Art Gallery, Leeds, UK.
: Pet Show, 69 Union Street, London.
: Snapshots, Naomi Dines, Nicky Hirst, Johnny Spencer and Edward Chell, Peter Doig, Mark Francis presented by Anthony Wilkinson at the Eagle Gallery, London.
: Peripheral States including works by Tacita Dean, Nicky Hirst, Emma Rushton and Suzanne Walker curated by Sarah Kent, Benjamin Rhodes Gallery, London.
: Brick Lane Open (1) Heritage Centre, London.
: CSKX Studios, London.
: Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.
: South Bank Picture Show, Royal Festival Hall, London.
: Whitechapel Open 1990, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.
: New Art in Yorkshire, Leeds City Art Gallery, UK.
: Surrealism Surveyed, Leeds City Art Gallery, UK.
: Open Art'86, Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield, UK.
: Home is where the art is (should be), St Paul's Gallery, Leeds, UK.
Public Art Commissions
: NDM Public Art Commission Programme 2018-20, Nuffield Department of Medicine Building, Oxford University, Oxford.
: Official artist for the 2019 General Election, appointed by the House of Commons Speaker's Advisory Committee on Works of Art.
: Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), London; Architect: Sonnemann Toon Architects; client: Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust, UK.
: Nuffield Department of Medicine (NDM), Oxford; Architect: Make Architects; client: University of Oxford, UK.
: New Union Wharf, Cubitt Town, London; Art Consultant: Jeni Walwin; Architect: Jestico and Whiles; Client: L&Q and East Thames, UK.
: Y Bwthyn Macmillan Specialist Care Unit, Wales; Art Consultant: Willis Newson; Architect: KKE Architects; Client: Cwm Taf University Health Board, UK.
: Westbourne Park Baptist Church and Dolphin Living, London; Art Consultant: Modus Operandi; Architect: Allies and Morrison; client: Dolphin Living, UK.
: Oxfordshire County Library, Westgate, Oxford; Art Consultant: Modus Operandi; client: Westgate Oxford Alliance Ltd Partnership, UK.
: Vista Residential Chelsea Bridge, London; Art Consultant: UP Projects; Architect: Scott Brownrigg; client: Berkeley Homes, UK.
: Kingfisher Court Mental Healthcare Facility, Radlett, Hertfordshire, Art Consultant: Contemporary Art Society, Architect: P+HS, client: Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, UK.
: Bulgari Hotel & Residences, London, Art Consultant: Nour Wali, Architect: Squire and Partners, client: Prime Development, UK.
: Passmores Secondary School, Harlow, Essex, Art Consultant: Place Services, Architect: Jestico and Whiles, client: Essex County Council, UK.
: Royal Veterinary College, Hawkshead Campus, Hertfordshire, Architect: Hawkins\Brown, UK.
: Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, funded by Arts Council England, commissioned by Andrew Cross, UK.
: New Pharmacy Manufacturing Facility, Guy's Hospital, London, Art Consultant: Modus Operandi, Client: Guy's and St Thomas' Charity, UK.
: Oxford Eye Hospital, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, Art Consultant: Artlink, Client: Oxford Hospitals Charity, UK.
: Bracknell and Wokingham Higher Education College, Bracknell, Art Consultant: Jeni Walwin, Architect: Ellis Williams, UK.
: Salt Bridges, Biochemistry Building, University of Oxford, Architect: Hawkins\Brown, UK.
: At and the Travelling Landscape, Sustrans National Cycle Route Public Art Commission, Nottingham, UK.
: RSA Art for Architecture Award Scheme, HIV Unit Royal Free Hospital, London, Architect: Stillman Eastwick–Field Partnership, UK.
Publications and Press
: Westminster Hour, BBC Radio 4, on Sunday 5 January 2020 at 22:00hrs.
: Ocula, UK Election Artist Nicky Hirst reflects on 'fractured and febrile' campaign by Sam Gaskin, 13 December 2019.
: UK Election Artist Nicky Hirst, Yorkshire Evening Post, 9 December 2019.
: Yorkshire Post 'In Hogarth's' footsteps, meet the artist whose job is to capture the election on a single work, 7 December 2019.
: The Critic, Studio: Election Artists; Michael Prodger takes a look at the artists who paint politics, 1 December 2019.
: This is London, Nicky Hirst Official Artist For 2019 General Election, 22 November 2019.
: AN, Nicky Hirst named as official Election Artist 2019, 11 November 2019.
: BBC News, 15/11 'Did you know Parliament has an official election artist?' 15 November 2019.
: Art and Collections, Official Artist of 2019 UK General Election Appointed, 15 November 2019.
: Politico Playbook, Election as art, 15 November 2019.
: Review of ALGORITHMS, Nicky Hirst's solo exhibition at Phoenix Exeter by Martin Holman in Art Monthly issue no 429, September 2019.
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: Caught Looking publication with an essay by Gregor Muir (publication)
: Shaping Up, Time Out review by Tania Guha.
: Towards an Aesthetic of Nature in Contemporary Art, Nicky Hirst and Rebecca Salter, Cambridge Architecture Journal 1992, essay by Charlotte Klonk, pages 11–14.
: Time Out review by David Lillington, Adam Gallery, London.
: Art, Compassion and Collective Action, Paintings in Hospitals, in partnership with UCLH arts and heritage and The HELP Portfolio, 22 July.
: MASS Sculpture School.
: MASS Sculpture Magazine, Editorial Board: Edmundo Aragita, Phyllida Barlow, Giles Corby, Ian Dawson, Ana Genoves, Marcus Harvey, Nicky Hirst, Edward Lipski, Corin Johnson, Sophie Newell, Si Sapsford.
: Print Editions Gallery, new publishing platform, Arts Council England funded project in partnership with Platform Art Projects.
: HELP Portfolio, by Jealous London, Sue Arrowsmith, Margaret Calvert, Michael Craig Martin, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Idris Khan, Ian Davenport, Nicky Hirst, Chris Levine, Elizabeth Magill, Paul McDevitt, Annie Morris, Paul Morrison, Remi Rough, Yinka Shonibare, Mathew Weir and Paul Winstanley, all profits from the sale of the boxed collection of prints will be donated to sixteen charities that have been deeply affected by COVID–19, each one selected by the artists involved.
: The Print Assembly, for Refuge (the UK’s largest domestic abuse charity) launched by Kim Pappas and Emma Hayes of photography agency Process, comprising works by over 100 artist/photographers.
: GOSH Comission 2019, Great Ormond Street Hospital: site responsive artworks informed by conversations with patients and staff and co–curate a display of artwork from the GOSH arts and heritage collection.
: Workshop, Dulwich Festival 2019, Merchandise created by Min Angel, Nicky Hirst, Laura Moreton–Griffiths, Lucy Soni, Kim Thornton.
: VA19, Venice Agendas: The Market, Instagram project, funded by Arts Council England.
: Pjoys: Limited edition pyjamas by Nicky Hirst, Mad C, Remi Rough and Augustine Kofie.
: A–N Artist Bursary 2019, an annual funding support for self determined professional development.
: Venice Agendas Access All Areas: Artist interventions by Tony Heaton and Nicky Hirst curated by Mark Segal, 15th International Architecture Biennale, Venice, Italy.
: Collaboration with Remi Rough, Beer Shop Brock Street Mural, Nunhead, London.
: Judge for Open Exhibition 2014, Dulwich Picture Gallery, London.
: Artist advisor for Artfutures with curator Jeni Walwin, Contemporary Art Society, London, UK.
: Consultant artist for Salt Bridges, Biochemistry Building, University of Oxford, UK.
: Healthy Hospitals, CABE with design team: Mcdowell and Benedetti Architects, Professor Tim Oliver, Space Syntax, Virtual Artworks and Terry Jones, UK.
: Art in Hospitals collaboration with Mark Francis, Public Art Development Trust and the Kings Fund, UK.
: Artist in Research Residency at Stillman Eastwick–Field Architects, initiated and funded by INIVA London.
Public and Major Collections
: Arthur Anderson & Co Collection
: Arts Council Collection
: Bradford Metropolitan Council Collection
: British Council
: BUPA Collection
: Clifford Chance Collection
: Doncaster Borough Council Collection
: Government Art Collection
: Hammersmith and Fulham Borough Council Collection
: Huddersfield Art Gallery
: Parliamentary Art Collection (Portcullis House)
: Penguin Books Collection
: Pictet Bank Collection
: Saatchi Collection
: Sheffield City Art Gallery Private Collections