Ron Haselden

Ron Haselden's Velocette in Brizard

*1944 Gravesend, Kent, UK
lives/works in London and Plouër–sur–Rance, Brittany, France

Selected Exhibitions, Sculpture, Commissions and Research
2014: Art in the Home #2 York, by invitation from the Contemporary Art Society North.
2014: As Exciting As We Can Make It: Ikon in the 1980s, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK
2014: Le va–et–vient des choses, Conseil Générale du Finistère, Le Musée des Phares et Balises, Ile d'Ouessant, France
2014: Finsbury Park Bridges, short listed artist to produce a large scale light–work, UK
2014: Plaisir d'offrir, Galerie des petits carreaux, Paris, France
2013: The lluminated Library, short listed artist University of the Air, Public Art Project, UK
2013: Aller Retour, Ulysses L'Autre mer FRAC Bretagne, Rennes, France
2013: Sorties, Ulysses L'Autre mer, Phare de Stiff, FRAC Bretagne, Ile d'Ouessant, France
2013: Papillon de la nuit, Association l'Art au fil de la Rance, Les Guérandes, Plouër–sur–Rance, France
2013: Fête, Lumiere Festival, Durham UK and Derry, Northern Ireland, Artichoke, London
2013: Paysage, Galerie des petits carreaux, St Briac, France
2012: Sino–Francaises Exhibition, Yvan Le Bozec, Ron Haselden and Yves Tremorin, Galerie de XIGU, China
2012: ROOM London in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, a group exhibition as homage to the artist Shelagh Wakely
2012: 4:3 Exhibiton, 3 Artists at Joint Stock, Lamb White, Birmingham, UK
2012: Jaunes, group exhibition, Galerie des petits carreaux, Paris, France
2012: La Lande Chauve, a series of temporary sculptures in a field in Brittany, France
2012: Brothers and Sisters, Venez Voir, exhibition, Galerie Triangle, Rennes, France
2012: Blooming in Southend, a new work for Metal, Southend, UK
2012: Ouessant: a series of works from a residency on the Isle of Ouessant, France
2012: Joint exhibition with the artist John Timberlake, Galerie des petits carreaux, Paris, France
2012: Being seen to be seen, Invited artist to present a new work for Salisbury Cathedral, UK
2012: A world of bees, Research for a lightwork for a new London underground station, UK
2012: Luz Na Cidade, Family Idea, A lightwork from drawings by children, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2011: A series of postcards, William Road Gallery, John MacAslan and Partners, London
2011: April in Paris, Le Sphinx, atelier de Benjamin Swaim, Paris, France
2011: Brothers and Sisters, Lumière Festival, Durham, UK
2011: Stephen W. installation á La lande Chauve, Plouër–sur–Rance, Brittany, France
2010: 9 Men drawing, Festival Arbres et Lumière, Genève, Switzerland
2010: Le Pont Mévault, sculpture pour un champ, Côté Cour, Côté Jardin, Plouër–sur–Rance, Brittany, France
2010: October, Angus Hughes Gallery, London
2010: Postcards, Bennetts Associates Architects, London
2010: Postcards and Boats turning on the tide, Le Triangle, Rennes, France
2010: The Fan, East Wing 9, Courtauld Institute, London
2008: Metro, Camden Arts Centre, London
2008: Animal, Liverpool Biennial, UK
2008: Brothers and Sisters, Festival Arbres et Lumière, Luxembourg
2008: Meilleurs Voeux, le Parc Saint Léger, Centre d'art Contemporain, Pougues–les–Eaux, France
2008: September, domobaal, London
2007: Family Idea, Children Centre Lighthouse, Tallinn, Estonia
2007: La Noche en Blanco, Family Garden, performance for 470 people, Plaza de España Madrid. Fundación Santander, Madrid, Spain
2007: La nuit blanche, 1000% multi–screen projection, 1000 signatures inn collaboration with Yvon Nouzille and Isabel Segovia, John Dory Productions, Mairie de Paris, Mairie du XIIe, Sanyo, iguzzini
2006: Bee Trilogy, domobaal, London
2006: Bee Trilogy and recent small works and drawings, Galerie du Cloître, l'Ecole des Beaux Arts, Rennes, Brittany, France
2006: Brothers and Sisters, Isle of Dogs, London
2006: Family Idea, touring to Lichtrouten, Lüdenscheid, Germany and GLOW Festival, Eindhoven, Hollandm Jubilee Gardens, Canary Wharf Public Arts, London.
2006: Neon Sculpture for New Street Square development, London, Bennets Associates Architects
2006: Star, Tregaron, Wales
2006: Tours de Lumière,pPerformance in collaboration with the residents of the three towerstrois tours in the Quartier des Couronneries, Ville de Poitiers, Poitiers, Frnace
2006: Wish List, Coulby Newham Park Commission, ARTS UK, Newcastle, UK
2005: Bee Trilogy, a series of small light and sound works, Insolites Mondes d'artistes, ODDC des Côtes d'Armor, Brittany, France
2005: Trick of Light, Murmures, Abbaye de Bon–Repos, Saint–Gelven, CCôtes d'Armor, Brittany, France
2004: Family Idea, Bienal Luzboa, Institut Franco–Portugais, Lisbon, Portugal and the British Council
2004: Voyages (solo show) a new ilightwork installation for the opening show of the Salt Gallery, Hayle Cornwall, UK
2004: Whitehouse, a study in light for an interactive sculpture for the Gary Rowe Dance Company, UK
2003: Child, a small lightwork for the gallery exhibition Independence, Showroom Gallery, London
2003: Gill Sans, Bridge 401, Southwark, London, a light sculpture for individual bridges in Southwark, an initiative from the Local Residents Association and Southwark Borough Council to develop ideas in the area surrounding the Tate Bankside. Working with the architects Robert Barnes and Taeko Matsumoto. Funded by local business schemes and Southwark Borough Council, UK
2003: Elsewhere/Ailleurs, 6 artists, including filmakers and a writer, Museum of Installation. London
2002: Gaslight, (solo show) Mobile Home Gallery, London
2002: Rose a permanent large scale neon work for the Centre North East Building, Middlesbrough, Cleveland Arts, UK
2002: White Light, an artwork in neon commissioned by Nexus for Art on Transport, St Peter's Metro Station, Sunderland, UK
2002: Full Circle. an artwork in neon for Nexus House. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
2002: The Visitor, an electronic visitors book for the new Millennium City Project, Durham, UK
Video, film and related works
2005: Aeroplane, 13+ an exhibition of the moving image, domobaal, London
2005: Aeroplane and other works, curated by Tom Dale, My Blood is Electric, an exhibition of video work, The Spitz Gallery, London.
2005: Mille enfants de Lyon, Video for Dazzle and Attract, Spennymoor Projections, Arts UK
2005: Au chant du coq, a Light Reading event of 1 minute videos and film, Studios, London
2004: Aeroplane, The Audible Picture Show, a programme of short soundworks curated by Matt Hulse, Curzon Cinema, Soho, London
2004: Borderline, Terre ciel, l'église Saint Joseph, Pontivy, Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain (FRAC), Brittany, France
2003: Decent, a six screen video working with the artist John Berger, Sculpture of the Screen a programme of film curated by Karen Mizra and Brad Butler in Retrospective of Artists Film and Video, Tate Britain, (July) London
2003: Ron Haselden a personal website commissioned by Luxonline, introduction by David Lillington for Lux, London/dd>
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