Lara Viana

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Restless Frequencies
Rebecca Geldard on Lara Viana's work for her second solo exhibition at andriesse eyck galerie, Amsterdam, January 2019. (3 pages)
Giuseppe Marasco on Lara Viana
Review on, August 2016. (3 pages)
Rebecca Geldard on Lara Viana
An essay written for Lara Viana's solo exhibition at The Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter, June 2009. (2 pages)
An Interview with Lara Viana
Lara Viana in conversation with Nicholas James at the opening of her first solo in the gallery, published in a volume of collected artist interviews by Cv/VAR editions, for further information: January 2010. (4 pages)
Time Out: In The Studio
Helen Sumpter in conversation with Lara Viana, August 2009. (1 page)
East End Academy
The Painting Edition at The Whitechapel Art Gallery, flyer, June 2009. (1 page)
Lara Viana
A review, published in AN Magazine of Lara Viana's exhibition at Phoenix Arts, Exeter, by Gabrielle Hoad, June 2009. (1 page)